World Tai Chi Qigong Day 2020

Please take time to watch and incorporate these wonderful healing practices into your life- from my Qigong Teacher Dr. Roger Jahnke. 

A Comprehensive Virus Defense Video includes Qigong, nutrition, herbal and homeopathic remedies!

A Qigong Practice for Immune Enhancement

Additional Qigong and Tai Chi Practice videos can be found at
The Tai Chi and Qigong Way
Qigong Tai Chi Utah

A group World Tai Chi & Qigong Day event for 2020 will be held at Salt Lake Community College in Taylorsville, Utah, Saturday April 25th from 10-11am online via Zoom. Please email me at to receive the link for the online zoom class in honor of World Tai Chi Qigong Day. The plan for the April 25th event is a wonderful Immune Boosting Qigong Practice using Healer Within Medical Qigong and 5 Elements Qigong practices. 
The outdoor event is postponed until May 30th from 9am-noon-  the details for the May event are below. 

 We are pleased to have many area teachers supporting the event, with many free exciting workshops, talks, push hands area, and of course the group practice at 10:00! This is a great event if you have been curious about tai chi – learn about the many benefits for health from leading instructors and researchers in the area. User friendly formats will allow people with no background in tai chi to experience tai chi. Demonstrations will follow the group practice to display the wide range of tai chi, including sword sets, empty hand routines, and partner practice. Also included will be exciting demonstrations from area kung fu and martial art schools, including the lion dance courtesy of the Shao Long Academy. Qigong (breathing exercises for health and wellness), of which tai chi is but one example, will also be featured, including the renowned ba duan jin (eight pieces of silk brocade) exercise, called the “eight treasures” due to its reputation for promoting health and longevity. Cutting edge research on effects and benefits for immunity, cancer, chronic pain and many other conditions will also be shared by Dr. Tony Gryffin, from his award-winning book “Mindful Exercise: Metarobics, Healing, and the Power of Tai Chi. This event is being hosted with the support and cooperation of leading authorities in the Salt Lake area, including Bill Parkinson, JC Carter, Kevin Weisenberger, Scott White, and Lei Shao Long. If you would like to help promote this event, please contact Tony at
FOR ADDITIONAL INFO AND ASSISTANCE, please call, text or email Scott White
801-556-5964 or

Curious about World Tai Chi Qigong Day?
Watch this short VIDEO


9:00 AM – Workshops, Instruction, and Push Hands Area.
10:00 AM – Main Event, leading audience in ba duan jin and basic tai chi movements. Tai Chi schools have the option of doing their entire form on the outskirts around central area.
10:30 AM – Tai Chi & Martial Art Demonstrations.