Cross training with Tai Chi and Qigong

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 Tai Chi and Qigong 

Can Golf, Tennis, MMA, Running, Basketball, Skiing (& other sports) be cross-trained with Tai Chi (& Qigong)?  @qigongtaichiutah

According to Tai Chi for Health, "The carved turn is a perfect meditation...your body is relaxed , alert, the arms (as you hold your ski poles) loosely embracing as a ball of energy.  Center your consciousness in the body's center.  Breathe deeply and easily.  Your shoulders carry no tension..."

As you ski down a hill carving turns your movement is rooted in your feet, led by your waist and you shift your weight from the left to the right as you propel yourself."

Tai Chi can be applied to many other sports like tennis, golf, MMA, running, basketball, ballet & others- see Full article below.