Sleep, Insomnia and Qigong

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“No matter what disease risk there is in your family, what diagnosis you may have, what medication you take, what surgery you have had, what doctor you are seeing—it is always reasonable to take better care of ourselves.  Qigong is one of the best self care practices no matter if you are looking to prevent illness, manage a current illness or optimize wellbeing.

There are many causes for sleep challenges (and other health challenges) but here are some of the many solutions:

1).  Practice Qigong 

We are using Healer Within Qigong, also known as Bu Zheng Qigong.  Bu Zheng is rooted in this rich history of ancient tribal origins.  Bu means- make strong, enhance.  Zheng-means the coherent interrelated functions and systems of the whole self.  Bu Zheng means maximize the integrated, interactive, holistic version of the self-the whole person, the whole self-at all levels:  Spirit Mind Body.When we are well, Bu Zheng Qigong sustains and enhances- insures wellbeing and functional capacity.  Health Insurance.  When we are not well, distressed, uncomfortable, I’ll, suffering, Bu Zheng Qigong awakens , nourishes and enhances inner healing resources and functions.Bu Zheng Qigong- Vitality Enhancement Qigong- is specifically designed for designed for all beings- sick or well.

2). Try this 4 part breath practice:

Inhale through nose to belly then chest.  Hold for 3-5 seconds.  Exhale slowly.

REPEAT:  Do this for about 4to 5 breaths a minute, for 5 minutes- that is about 20 breaths.

3).  Cultivate the capacity to deflect distressing thoughts.”

-Dr. Roger Jahnke 

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