Autumn Equinox and Tai Chi Qigong

Try this Qigong breath practice:

Box breathing

And check out this amazing Qigong movement practice called Tracing the Yin Yang Channels with my teacher Dr.Roger Jahnke-

Movement practice

“It is the Autumn Equinox! 2020 -- AYEAR CARVED INTO HISTORY WITH FURY - Intense Weather, Fire, Water, Disease – Holy Qi!

We are soooooo fortunate to have Qigong and Tai Chi in our lives!

AND, the incredible wisdom teachings of the ancient Chinese tribes as well as all other great wisdom traditions teach us of the power of building inner resiliency.

The invitation of autumn is to reflect, slow down, let  go – turn within, perhaps look back.  In the tradition of the Chinese Wu Xing – Five Elements, Five Phases -- the Equinoxes and Solstices are about digesting (Earth) and separating the useful from the waste.

Clearly, there is a lot to digest now. Autumn is especially associated with the Lungs & the Metal Element and the character qualities of sadness/grief  and the opposite, Courage. May your sadness/grief be limited. May your courage be immense! May your Qi be supremely ample!

TAKE A MOMENT - Long, Slow, Deep Breath – Are you separating the useful from the waste in your life? In this season that can depreciate through sadness and grief can you locate courage & resilience in yourself and encourage courage in others.”- Dr. Roger Jahnke 

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