Online Qigong and Tai Chi

This week for Qigong class offerings I will be posting and sending you pre-recorded videos of my teacher and myself leading you through self care, healing and restorative exercise practices from Qigong.  

Next week I will be offering livestream online classes on Zoom or Moxie. More info will be posted next week. 

11/14/20-New Qigong video of my friend Daniel Weicher- Recovering the Way Qigong



Jill Bolte Taylor: My Stroke of Insight (& Qigong)

“Who are we?  We are the Life Force Power (Qi- Chee) of the Universe with manual dexterity and 2 cognitive minds and we have the power to choose moment by moment who and how we want to be in the world.  

Right Here, Right Now I can step into the consciousness of my right hemisphere where we are… I am the life force power of the Universe… The life force power of the 50 Trillion beautiful molecular geniuses that make up my form and is one with All that is!  Or I can choose to move into the consciousness of my left hemisphere where I become a single individual separate from the Flow separate from you—- I am Dr. Jill Bolton Taylor- Neuro-anatomist- These are the we inside of me.  Which would you choose?  Which do you choose?  And When?  I believe that the more time we choose to run the deep inner peace circuitry (the Qigong state- the Relaxation Response- the healing and restorative state) of our right hemisphere, the more peace we will project out into the world and the more peaceful we will be and the more peaceful our planet will be… And I thought that was an idea worth spreading.”- TedTalk- Dr. Jill Bolton Taylor.

Practicing Qigong gives us the tools to choose how when to run the deep inner peace circuitry and present our higher selves to the world and when we need to present our lower selves - our ego - to the world.  Both are necessary to function in the world- it’s the balance that creates health, vitality, inner peace, harmony and joy.

You are going to love this – a profound Qigong movie - In around 20 minutes you will experience one of the most beautiful “lectures with Qi” from contemporary time. See if you can pick out the Qi talk here, notice the constant reference to Yin and Yang without the words being specifically spoken. What will people do when they want to explore the mystery of their lives — they will learn and practice Qigong. Enjoy this!!!- Dr. Roger Jahnke

Here’s are the videos:

With Dr. Roger Jahnke:


And The Essentials of Qigong by Dr. Roger Jahnke

7 minute Qigong Flow practice session with me:  TURN DOWN THE VOLUME AND ADD YOUR OWN RELAXING BACKGROUND MUSIC.

And a 15 minute Tai Chi Qigong Flow practice with me:  TURN DOWN THE VOLUME AND ADD YOUR OWN RELAXING BACKGROUND MUSIC.

Beautiful Tai Chi demonstration - allow it to inspire you to practice.

Simple Easy to follow-

12 minute Qigong Flow practice session. Follow along and balance and harmonize your life force energy.

See Tai Chi 24 videos below-

Thank you. Sending you healing Qi!🙏🏽☯️💟☮️

Scott White


Here are a couple videos to help with learning Tai Chi 24. 

Front view- lesson 1
Rear view- lesson 1

Rear view (full form demo)

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thanks.  Good Qi to you. 
Scott White