Qigong Practice videos & Qigong - The Mysterious Pass

 Here’s are the videos:  give them a try and feel your body’s vital life force energy balance and harmonize with the Earth, Nature and the Universe.  SIMPLE, EASY TO FOLLOW GENTLE MOVEMENTS AND STRETCHES.

The Physiology of Qigong and Tai Chi 
By Dr. Roger Jahnke 

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 The Essentials of Qigong by Dr. Roger Jahnke 


7 minute Qigong Flow practice session with me:  TURN DOWN THE VOLUME AND ADD YOUR OWN RELAXING BACKGROUND MUSIC. 


And a 15 minute Tai Chi Qigong Flow practice with me:  TURN DOWN THE VOLUME AND ADD YOUR OWN RELAXING BACKGROUND MUSIC. 


Beautiful Tai Chi demonstration - allow it to inspire you to practice. 


Simple Easy to follow-

12 minute Qigong Flow practice session. Follow along and balance and harmonize your life force energy. 



Greeting the Universe Qigong

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Grinding Rice Qigong 

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Grinding Rice Qigong from bow stance

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Qigong Flow through the 9 phases of Qi Cultivation 

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Quantum Qi Documentary 

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Award winning Qi, the Documentary trailer- you can rent or buy for $2-3 on YouTube or Vimeo 

Documentary trailer

Qigong- The Mysterious Pass by Dr. Roger Jahnke from his Qi Blog- Feel the Qi

"In the tradition of Qigong it is believed that once you taste or experience one of the treasures that you are destined to pursue the cultivation of that treasure.  As you begin to deeply understand and experience your Body Essence (Jing), your Heart-Mind (Xin) or your Spirit (Shen), you will likely be inspired to cultivate them because the promise is so great.

When we cultivate Body Essence it leads to vitality and physical healing.  When we purposefully access the Heart-Mind and cultivate the treasure of the Heart-Mind Elixir it nourishes peace of mind and emotional healing.  It is a rare person who does not become attracted to having peace of mind once they have begun to experience it.  

The Spirit does not require healing; Shen is inherently and supremely well.  Shen resides within the Heart-Mind longing to be revealed, expressed, and radiated.  When the Heart-Mind is cleared of its typical restraints including fear, judgement and all sorts of trauma, Shen expresses as radiance.  The cultivation of the treasure of Spirit can trigger the release of miracles.

The Heart-Mind is the secret gate through which thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes are cleansed and purified.  The sincere deepening of Qi cultivation practice requires that intention and will become major focus areas in practice and in life.  In ancient traditions, retiring to a cave in the mountains or going to the desert to disassociate from the material world were primary ways to pass through the secret gate.  That is why is is often called the 'Mysterious Pass'."